Analytics is one of the crucial methods to learn and track the information about the end-users. This is important for any kind of business. Through analyzing we can learn about what features are required for the future and what improvements to be made for the better user experience.

Google has launched the “Firebase Analytics” in late 2014 which is helpful for the mobile app developers to track the real-time events, user authentication, demographics and hosting.

  1. Firebase Analytics is a tool that helps you to learn and track the events of your app
  2. How well your users are engaged in accessing your ios and android apps
  3. It is helpful for you to learn about the developed features of your app Which users are accessing your app
  4. Are the existing users or non-existing users accessing your app
  5. What features in the app that highly impact the users

Thereby, these real-time data motivates your developers to build more high-quality apps and makes you identify what are the features they are promptly fond off. The method of analyzing or tracking your app events, not only helps you to fetch and learn about your app but also increases your app revenue.

Functionality of the Firebase Analytics

Once the Firebase is setup, the SDK automatically runs to capture and track the set of defined events and you can also additionally add your own custom events to track. These tracked events can be noticed from the Firebase dashboard. The dashboard provides you with the clear insight about your app.

Firebase Service Integration,

Firebase has been a proven service when integrated with the following;

  1. Firebase Crash Reporting– This gains which users are impacted through the tracked crashes.
  2. BigQuery – Performs advanced and entire data analysis of the tracked events
  3. Google Tag Manager– Helps you to manage and implement your data remotely from an alternative web interface
  4. Firebase Notification – Sends notification regarding your track events
  5. Firebase Remote Config– perform changes to the app such as behavior or appearance based on the audience
Services to integrate with Firebase Analytics

Core Services Integration With Firebase Analytics

How to setup a Firebase Account?

Setting up the Firebase Analytics account is easier and moreover user-friendly. You can add Firebase depending upon your app development either ios, android or web platform. Step by step summary to setup the Firebase Analytics

Google Analytics Versus Firebase Analytics

Comparison between Google Mobile and Firebase analytics

Comparison Between Google Mobile Analytics And Firebase Analytics

When there is a sudden growth in the technology and people are wanting to shift from one over the other, Google has introduced Firebase Analytics. As of today, both Google Analytics and Firebase Analytics has its own advantages and features and it is up to the organization and the developers to choose according to their Platforms.

  1. Firebase Analytics is superior when compared to Google Analytics for mobile apps.
  2. Google Analytics is good for the basis of session and page reality, while the Firebase Analytics is good for the app users and the event basis.
  3. In Firebase Analytics you can create unlimited event reporting and even in the paid tool Google Analytics premium, it has a limit for analyzing and reporting the events.
  4. If your organization decides to use web services, then you can also connect the Firebase Analytics to the Google Analytics
  5. Firebase has high value in creating funnel based on events than the Google Analytics in creating funnel based on page views.

Taking to your attention, as of today we are using the specific name for app analytics as Firebase. Going forward, each and every app analytics report will fall under the brand of Google Analytics. Of course, the latest generation of Firebase will continue to be in both the Firebase console and as well in Google Analytics.

The New Features of Firebase 2017

The Tech Giant Google has made announcement to include few new services this year 2017 to the Firebase including in the mobile and web development platform;

  1. Google Analytics improvements
  2. Performance Monitoring
  3. StreamView
  4. DebugView
  5. Phone Number Authentication
  6. Open Source SDK
  7. AdMob Reporting
  8. Cloud Functions

For more detail on the Firebase new features, watch here for live demo

Thereby, Firebase Analytics helps you to understand how your users behave with your app, how well it is getting marketed through the organic and paid channels, which features are driving more traffic to your app and the efficiency and performance of the app can be made out of the user’s engagement.

Published your app live? Intended to know about its movement? Set up your own Firebase account and track its impact